Information about our cleanses.


General Information


Our Therapeutic Juice Cleanses (Original and Green) are detoxification regimens that consist of six carefully formulated raw/living, organic, and gluten-free vegetable and herbal drinks per day, which target specific organs and systems of the body. In order to experience optimal results, we recommend that during the Cleanse, no solid food is consumed.

Taking additional liquids is not necessary, however, if the body does call for extra liquids, we recommend to limit the fluid intake to good, clean water (purified ionized 9.5 pH alkaline water can be purchased at our store for $2/gallon (must bring your own jug)) and unprocessed, natural herbal teas.

The ingredients and juices are subject to change. Because we do not use conventional substitutes, please be aware that at the times when some of the organic produce is not available (due to the weather/season), ingredients and/or juices may change.

Cleanse Benefits


The main benefits to be achieved after having performed the Therapeutic Juice Cleanses (Original or Green) may vary depending on the length of the cleanse. The longer the cleanse, the more optimal the results, such as:

•   Clearer skin
•   Improved digestion
•   Increased energy levels
•   Improved immune function
•   Increased alkalinity (increased pH levels)
•   Reduction of mucus and toxins in blood and organs
•   Weight regulation
•   Reduced inflammation
•   Increased mental clarity

Cleaning Effects


Cleansing and Detoxification may not come easily to some. Those, whose bodies are highly toxic, in order to get cleansed, may have to face a so-called “healing crisis”. A healing crisis is not a sign of an illness that is trying to attack us but rather a sign of the toxic waste that’s already inside of us, attempting to make its way out of the body. After all, most of us have consumed plenty of harmful food, used plenty of toxic beauty products, and breathed in plenty of polluted air in our lifetime. When we experience a healing crisis, it is important that we stay on track continuing the cleanse and not lose our optimism. Instead, we should focus on what is ahead and all the benefits that will be experienced at the end of this program. Some of the healing signs may include headaches, flu-like symptoms, nausea, fever and/or chills, strong emotions, fatigue, frequent urination, cramps, and mood swings.