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Answered Questions

QUESTION: My grandnephew was a premature baby that is now 4yrs. old. He has ashtma and your expertise herbal methods of natural healing I know will cure him of this disease. What advice do you have and what can we give him for the cure? We have a friend that just lost her 5yrs. old to this thing and it is very fresh in our minds. My grand nephew just had an attack last Sunday also.

ANSWER: Asthma is a condition that I myself experienced as a youth. Growing up on a farm and drinking cow’s milk in large amounts and on a daily basis, is exactly what had caused it. I was completely cured from asthma within a few weeks after eliminating all diary products and implementing certain herbs.

Asthma is simply MUSCUS in the lungs. That mucus causes the internal tissues of the lungs as well as the bronchial tubes to be inflammed causing breathing difficulties. The mucus, in the majority of cases, is produced due to the consumption of dairy products, however, there are also other acidic processed foods that play a role in developing this uncomfortable condition.

In cases of asthma, the two most important steps are:

1) Taking ALL dairy (milk, lactaid, yogurt, cheese, eggs, sour cream, etc) OUT of the diet. Stores like Whole Foods Market carry dairy alternatives, although faux cheeses etc. should only be used during the transition stage. In terms of milk, there are many healthy alternatives including almond milk, hemp milk, hezelnut milk, cashew milk, etc.

2) Implementing the following herbs: lobelia, mullein leaf, fenugreek seeds, and comfrey leaf. All can be taken as a tea or in capsule form. The herbs should be taken 6 times a week.

The herbal and dietary regimen should be followed until the mucus is eliminated and the condition is gone (the timeframe will vary per individual). The dairy-free diet is to be maintained going forward.

QUESTION: What healing can you provide for Vitiligo?

ANSWER: Vitiligo is a condition that has its roots on the metaphysical plane — our past lives to be specific. Skin discoloration is often the result of our soul’s difficulties in adjusting to its new physical manifestation (skin color in particular). Sometimes, certain souls struggle in transitioning from a white vessel (body) of the previous life(s), into the new (black/brown) vessel, or the other way around. This process of assimilation can take several lifetimes to be completed.

Another reason for Vitiligo can be physical injury in the previous life experience(s). A person’s body part could have, for instance, been burned with acid or suffered from some other damage. Because the damage was recorded in our subtle (etheric) body, such a body part is likely to produce physical signs of aforementioned harm.

On the physical level, Vitiligo denotes low melanin levels in certain areas of the body. Melanin is secreted by the pineal gland (the master of all glands) which makes Vitiligo an endocrine system disorder. The imbalances of the pineal gland’s performance is caused by the calcification of the gland by mucus, resulted from an acid-based diet, acid-based thought patterns, acid-based relationships, heavy metal pollution, pesticides, vaccines, marijuana (smoking), synthetic drugs, etc. In order to reverse the damage, it is crucial to eliminate all the factors that contribute to its development. The diet should be alkaline-based; all animal products should be replaced with plants, including nuts and seeds. Herbs such as Neem leaf, Moringa, Seamoss should be implemented as well as the burning of frankincense (tree resin); the mind’s thought energy should be focused on visualizing the body (or a particular part of the body) in the state that we desire it to be.

QUESTION: I am vegetarian, mostly vegan, drink a lot of water, eat lots of raw fruit and veggies, but I feel my colon is still full. I am not constipated, but I feel bloated. UGH. What do you suggest to unbloat? I exercise 5 times a week for one hour. What am I missing here? (I am gluten free, I cannot eat nuts). Thanks!

ANSWER: Perhaps it is some old waste in the digestive tract that causes the bloating. Combine 1 part of Activated Charcoal, 1 part of Psyllium husk powder, 1/4 part of Senna leaf powder, and 1/4 part of fennel seeds, and take about 2 teaspoons of the mixture with 16oz of water at night. Another great remedy is aloe vera gel from a fresh aloe leaf. Consume plenty of ginger root and fennel. You could also consider doing a colonic.

QUESTION: I actually wanted to ask you about a facial condition I have now been dealing with for almost seven years. Most recently I consulted with a functional medicine practitioner who was able to help me improve my diet and I believe my digestion somewhat improved but my face really didn’t. I am gluten free but I do eat a fair amount of animal protein, which I try to always eat from grass or pasture raised animals. I’ve tried a number of different eating plans but I haven’t healed my red, inflamed, rosacea plagued face. I’m small – about 100 lbs – and I’m fairly active so I’m not looking to detox to lose weight. I’ve heard that I may benefit from kidney or liver healing support but I haven’t tried anything intensively yet. I’d love to hear about your recommendations.

ANSWER: I do receive a lot of questions about various skin disorders including rosacea, eczema, acne, genital herpes, etc. and all of them have one thing in common: they are created by impurities in the blood.

Because every skin disorder is a blood disorder, I highly recommend purifying the blood with herbs such as Burdock root, Oregon Grape root, Dandelion root, and Yellow Dock root. Those will also greatly benefit the major elimination channels of the body, especially the kidneys and liver.

I also highly recommend beginning a lifestyle that is completely free of all animal proteins and processed/packaged foods.

Last but not least, since all disorders are rooted in the metaphysical realm, please consider what burdens you carry in your life and attempt to release it. Has someone been getting “under your skin”, etc.? “Negative” emotions/feeling turn into physical toxins within the body affecting the body’s natural balance.

QUESTION: I just read about Earth Healing Cafe’s 10 day liver/gallbladder juice detox. Do you think something like this would work for me or would it be better to try taking supplements or making tea with the herbs you listed?

The 10 Day Liver/Blood Detox would greatly benefit you. When the herbs are combined, their action becomes even more potent. Our herbal formula uses vegan capsules which makes the herbs highly absorbable. Generally, taking herbs in capsule form provides a better results than using them as a tea or extract.

QUESTION: I am 53 years old and is going through premenopausal symptoms, mainly ” hot flashes.” What herbs can I take to help, plus over for a person my age?

The herbs that I recommend are RED RASPBERRY LEAF, BLACK COHOSH, DONG QUAI, SAW PALMETTO BERRIES, and RED CLOVER. Take either individually or combined. Implementing the above herbs along with a diet free of all animal products, gluten, white bread, processed sugars, starches, and salt, can completely eradicate all of the symptoms..

QUESTION: My joints and muscles ache even after short amounts of work, which makes me feel tense and stressed. I get a lot of cold sores and generally feel run down most of the time. I am vegan, and eat pretty well, so I’m hoping you can suggest some herbs/tea/supplements I could take to build up my strength? Thank you so much!

Some of the herbs that positively impact the joints are Devil’s Claw, Comfrey, and Boswellia. They are rich in organic calcium and help to remove acid build up from the joints. Other helpful plants are White Willow bark and Meadowsweet; both carrying a strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

In terms of cold sores, I recommend anti-viral herbs such as Olive leaf, Lemon Balm, Neem, and Oregon Grape root.

It may also be beneficial for you to consume lots of iron rich foods which will help to oxygenate, nourish, and revitalize your cells cells making you feel fill energized and full vitality. Some of the iron rich foods/herbs include Dandelion leaf & root, Spinach, and Burdock.

If possible, I do recommend to take herbs in a capsule form (the most effective way) followed by a tea/decoction and tincture. I would also like to mention that the antiviral herbs listed above can also be applied externally (on a piece of cotton). Since herbs in most cases go to the very root of an adverse health condition, they should be taken consistantly for a few weeks (with a 1 or 2 day break).

QUESTION: For the past two years I suffer from eczema, or at least it’s what the last two dermatologist have told me. Also, I developed ingrown hair from waxing, and can’t get rid of the horrible itch which makes my life miserable as I can’t stop scratching and making more scars! I have tired essential oils, baking soda and bentonite clay baths, sugar scrubs, and my as I gave up I used steroid cream for few days. I’m really desparate to finally find something that will work! Looking foward to your advise! Thank you!

Most skin conditions are related to the blood. Focus on purifying the blood with herbs such as Dandelion root, Burdock root, and Yellow Dock root. To assist in the healing from ingrown hairs, apply a warm towel to the affected area in order to open the pores. Then, apply a mixture of Activated Charcoal and Neem leaf (powder). To make the poultice, mix the ingredients in a 2:1 ratio and add just enough purified water to make it into a paste. If possible, keep the mixture in the area for a few hours. If not, leave it on at least for 10-15 minutes. Next, apply fresh aloe vera gel (straight from the leaf) to the area. Repeat this at least once a day (preferably 2 times). It would be best to avoid all synthetic personal care products. A shower filter is essential. Dead sea salt soaks in warm water will also be of great benefit for both challenges.

QUESTION: I am suffering from Genital Herpes. I get frequent outbreaks and they are severe when I eat cheese or any dairy products. They are very less when I eat healthy and do exercise. But I feel the virus inside my body is mutating and keeps spreading to different parts of the body because I keep getting in new places when I eat junk food like I got cuts and itchy ones on my legs and on lower back. Please help me with some antiviral foods/herbals or any herbal mix shots or anything that helps my immunity and also antiviral same time. Please Please help me. I take antiviral Valtrex when it is severe. I am very depressed.

ANSWER: The first step to healing a contracted disease is to TERMINATE THE CONTRACT by forgiving the person who contracted with us and most importantly ourselves. The mind plays a very important role in healing from Genital Herpes, so I would start there. The second step is to eliminate all dairy products and “junk” food as they are highly acidic, causing the body to produce mucus (which is what comes out of the body during an “outbreak”), which in turn creates inflammation (itching, rash, scars, etc.) Genital Herpes basically means that the blood is toxified due to viruses and parasites which thrive in the acidic environment.

Some of the most effective antiviral and antibacterial herbs include Neem leaf, Olive Leaf, Black Walnut, Lemon Balm, Yellow Dock, and White Oak bark. To reduce inflammation, use herbs such as Turmeric root, Slippery Elm bark, Comfrey root, Buchu leaf, Boswellia, Ginger, Nettle leaf, and Cleavers. The herbs that will help to remove the parasites from the blood include Wormwood, Cayenne, Pumpkin seeds, Black Walnut hull, and Male Fern. If an outbreak happens, it can be aided by applying Aloe Vera gel to the affected area. Also, dead sea salt baths during the process of healing will do the body good.

QUESTION: Do you have any special herbs, elixirs,etc for tinnitus?

In terms of herbs, your best bet are Feverfew, Ginkgo Biloba, and Gotu Kola. Ear coning may be of great benefit for you. A plant-based diet is also highly recommended. Besides, spend more time (if possible) away from noises and frequencies generated by artificial (man-made) machines and “city noises”. Spend as much time in nature as possible.

I would be remiss not to mention that it’s important to be aware that ear ringing is a sign (most of the time) of higher (spiritual) messages being conveyed to you. Pay attention and “tune-in” each time you experience it.

QUESTION: Health is my top priority, and I have made many changes to my food intake in the past few years. I eat a primarily raw, plant based diet, always gluten free and vegan. A year ago I quit taking chemical birth control pills. Since then I have been detoxing and have displayed the following symptoms: hormonal imbalance emotional imbalance/anger/depression high stress/anxiety ovarian cysts (bursting with pain and vomiting) interstitial cysitis acne irregular periods Is this a matter of cleansing the blood with herbs or is there something else specifically I can do? I really appreciate your help!

ANSWER: It looks as if the birth control pills have thrown the endocrine system out of balance, leading to the aforementioned symptoms. In this case, I would highly recommend consuming herbs such as Dong Quai, Red Clover, Black Cohosh root, Red Raspberry leaf, Vitex berries, Saw Palmetto berries, and Maca root. These herbs do a wonderful job at regulating the endocrine system and thus alleviating any hormonal imbalances. They will also greatly impact the uterus and ovaries and rejuvenate the entire reproductive system.

QUESTION: I have severe anxiety ..every day I struggle breathing and I Dont want to take anxiety pills.i would like you to recommend me a herbal remedy!

ANSWER: One of the best herbal remedies for anxiety are Kava Kava root and Valerian root. Other great herbs include hops, lemon balm, and wild lettuce. Another remedy is mixing a few drops of Lavender, Chamomile, and Peppermint essential oils in water and putting the mixture into a spray bottle. Use the spray a few times a day and/or when you start to feel stressed.

QUESTION: I have diabetes and I have burning pain in my legs. The doctors have given me medication for my legs. What is good to rub on my legs to take the pain away?

ANSWER: Are you taking insulin pills/shots? If so, the synthetic insulin could be the root cause of the issue as it inhibits proper circulation (thus, the pain could be due to poor circulation within the legs). However, a good rub for such pains would be oils such as the oil of peppermint, rosemary, and wintergreen. As a carrier oil, you could use jojoba, olive oil, or coconut oil.

QUESTION: I’m a raw vegan and it’s hard for me sometimes to have cooked foods… or make the transition some days. Also, I don’t like taking pills or tylenol and I caught a cold when traveling and don’t know what to take (herbally) to feel better. Symptoms are achy body, headache, and runny nose… help please!

ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry. Neem leaf is one of the most powerful antiviral, anti-parasitic, and antifungal herbs available. If you are not pregnant or nursing, it is something I suggest you consider taking.

QUESTION: I have been drinking green juices and green smoothies for over a year. I have always had a digestive problem. It got better after my juicing. I have encountered a problem though. I am always very gassy and its starting to affect my personal life. It hurts when I hold my farts. I was wondering if you can recommend something for this problem. I don’t eat dairy and I don’t eat meat. I mostly eat fruits and salads and of course my smoothies/juices.

ANSWER: Some of the herbs that help with digestion are Fennel seed, Cumin seed, and Ginger root. Aloe Vera is also wonderful for that purpose. The first three herbs can be taken in a tea or capsule form, while Aloe Vera gel can be blended into drinks. Another wonderful substance that assists in alleviating gas and odor in the digestive tract is Activated Charcoal. All of the foregoing remedies are best taken 20 to 30 minutes after a meal. We carry most of those herbs at the Cafe. Also, on the menu, we have a juice called Digestive Support (mint, fennel, pear, pear, & celery) that does a great job in terms of improving digestion.

QUESTION: I, like other Chicago folk, suffer from allergies. Which one of your juices would you recommend to help my system deal with the allergies? Thanks!

ANSWER: I would recommend the Liver Harmony and My Liver is Clean juices. They would be optimal, as most allergies are the result of polluted liver.

QUESTION: I believe I am in overall good health, but I struggle with facial acne. For my skin regimen, I use all-natural goat milk soaps and witch hazel and organic coconut oil. I also do a bentonite clay face mask once a week. I take no medications, but I do take organic flax seed oil supplements as well as organic spirulina and chlorella supplements. What plant-based foods/herbs/juices do you recommend I consume regularly for better skin? What foods do I avoid?

ANSWER: Most skin disorders are blood disorders. In your case, I would highly recommend using Burdock root, Dandelion root, and Yellow Dock root. I made a video on how to prepare an herbal decoction out of those herbs. It can be viewed here. Foods to avoid include everything derived from animals, gluten, and processed foods..

QUESTION: I’m interested in losing weight. What products or product are you recommending for my problem and how does it work.

ANSWER: The number one advice for weight loss that I can give is elimination of all processed/packaged foods from your diet as well as animal products and by-products. There is no reason to go on any calorie restrictive diet that are being advertised all over but a simple change in eating habits.

In addition, an average person carries POUNDS of undigested animal flesh and dairy in their colon. It’s very important to remove that waste build-up from the intestines by using herbs such as senna, cascara sagrada, psyllium husk, etc. Our Bowel Stimulator Tea contains most of those herbs.

It is also crucial to eliminate all gluten (which is glue) from the diet. That includes pasta, wheat, etc. That glue in the colon weighs a lot and destroys the good bacteria balance in the gut.

Consume plenty of quinoa, beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and herbs. The weight will come off and most importantly you will be able to keep it off.

QUESTION: First off, big fan of your establishment. I am on day 5 of my diet, and already lost 7.5 pounds from drinking juice. Can you please recommend a therapeutic juice to aide in colon cleanse?

ANSWER: Thank you, Beloved. Congrats on your accomplishments so-far! Any green juice is wonderful for cleansing and strengthening the digestive tract/colon. The Digestive Support juice is great in that aspect. In addition, pure aloe vera gel, directly from the plant. We carry that often at EHC.

QUESTION: How do I lower my blood pressure?

ANSWER: High blood pressure is one of the many defense mechanisms of the body. When we are experiencing high blood pressure, the body is actually in the act of protecting the heart by forcing the pollutants that are in the bloodstream to move through the heart at a faster rate (in order to keep the heart clean).

The root of high blood pressure, in most cases, is toxic blood, as well as stress. One of the best herbs for regulating blood pressure (bringing it down when it’s too high and raising it when it’s too low) is HAWTHORN BERRY. The herb is very effective especially when taken consistently for several weeks. Combining it with Cayenne even further amplifies its action and potency.