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The Company

Earth’s Healing Café was founded in 2010 with the intention of being the most therapeutic food establishment in the United States. We are a place where conscious individuals work together with harmony and integrity to serve highest quality, medicinal foods that help to cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate your body temple. In order to honor the sacredness of the human body, we only use the purest ingredients available, that come from the Earth’s womb.

Core Principles


We do not use organic produce “when available”. We use organic produce (with the exception of fresh turmeric root) at all times. If we cannot obtain certain organic produce due to the weather (Chicago winters can be tough), we do not substitute an inorganic ingredient in its place. If we are unable to obtain organic cucumbers for instance, we use organic celery, instead of using conventional cucumbers. Drinking pesticides and other chemicals isn’t optimal for our well-being.


At least 50 percent of our ingredients are grown locally, however there are some ingredients that we simply cannot obtain from local farmers throughout the year due to the fact that our ingredients, again, must be organic. Our #1 preference is both, organic and local, however, when that option is unavailable, we choose organically grown produce from other parts of the country. Our belief is that it is more important to consume organic (regardless of where it was grown), than local pesticide and herbicide laden fruits and vegetables. There is absolutely no need for polluting the body in order to nourish it.


Our juices are very potent. They are not “watered-down” by any means. It’s due to the potency of our juices why they are so effective, cleansing, and nourishing. EHC juices contain substantial amounts of medicinal leafy greens and therapeutic roots, which makes them so unique. We formulate our juices for taste but also for their healing properties (thus our slogan: “food as medicine”). Our juice blends create extremely nutrient dense, superior juice. Try them for yourself.


We have carefully formulated our juices so that each of them targets a specific organ/system of the body. Because our juices contain specific therapeutic ingredients designed to cleanse, nourish, and strengthen specific organs, they carry strong therapeutic properties.

In addition to the above, EHC is 100% gluten-free, vegan, kosher, halal, and pareve. Our plant-based menu satisfies everyone, not just vegans. Our customer base includes vegans, vegetarians, as well as meat eaters, all of whom enjoy our raw creations. Being aware that a plant-based diet carries a great power to help us achieve radiant physical and mental health and well-being as well as create a harmonious union between ourselves and Mother Earth, making such foods accessible to the community is our highest mission and commitment.


Our menu is 100% plant-based, which means that you will not find any items that contain animal milk, cheese, or dead animal flesh (not even honey). EHC is completely vegan. If you are a strict vegan, you have absolutely nothing to worry about when eating anything that was prepared at our establishment.

No Hpp

HPP stands for High Pressure Processing. It is a method of processing that has been used to preserve meats. Recently, many juice companies started to put their juice through the HPP process and call the product “raw”. Whole Foods Market’s shelves are now full of juice labeled as “raw”, juice that underwent High Pressure Processing. While HPP’d juice is uncooked (it isn’t subjected to heat), we do not consider it raw, let alone alive, as the extremely high pressure destroys the bacteria, certain enzymes, and other nutrients. A juice that can remain on the shelf for 90 days without spoiling obvoiously cannot compare to a fresh juice that lasts only 4 to 5 days. We will never put our juices through such, nor any other type of processing. We simply juice the veggies, fruits, and herbs, bottle it, and you drink it. There is no other processing and will never be.


Companies like using agave as it is a very inexpensive sweetener. We do not cut corners, though. Agave nectar is a processed product and we would not put it in our creations and sell it to you. Organic dates are our sweetener of choice. Dates are a whole food. They are actually a fruit, which means that we sweeten our smoothies, nut milks and desserts with a fruit. We are committed to giving you THE BEST. Period.

Profit margins

Because we choose to utilize only the best organic produce available, we work with extremely low profit margins. To a person who doesn’t juice or live a natural lifestyle, our prices may appear high, but in the view of an avid juicer, raw foodist, and/or health conscious person, they are very reasonable (in reality, they are actually lower than most even non-organic juice bars). A health conscious person knows that if he or she were to make the same juice or smoothie at home, he or she would end up spending about the same amount or more. We strive to give you the best for less!

Contact Information

Email: info@ehcafe.com
Phone: 773.728.0598

1942 West Montrose Avenue
Chicago, Illinos 60613
United States


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